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Lower Eyelid Surgery


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Hi Ladies,

Just letting you know I had my lower eyelid surgery with Dr Preeyaphas on Thursday morning. I had this done as I always look tired. I hardly have any bruising but cannot wait to get the stitches removed and tape (not a good look going out). I could see clearly from the moment I opened my eyes and just had a coolpack on them for at least a day. The surgery was 2 hours and very happy so far. Will really know if it was worth it once the stiches are removed but just giving you all an update.

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Hi changeme, glad to hear you're happy with your eyes :) I had same procedure when I was under for BA 2 weeks ago, really happy too. I also had bruising with one eye, other had just a little yellowing, but both eyes had swelling in around the whites of the eye as I think I was allergic to the cream they'd used during the op.....but now I have no bags and my eyes seem so much bigger. My stitches came out 1 week post op and that looked loads better again....before that I wore dark sunnies just about everywhere!

So is the Botox to stop wrinkles or puffiness? Not sure I could cope with the needles? Where did you get it done as we are bangkok this week, had some retail therapy today ;)


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