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Length of crease incision

happy coconut

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i got Brazilians and i think that my scar would be about 7cm... that seems really long compared to other ladies! :/

the ones you got sounds like they would be good.

i think my dressings were a tiny bit too small because it irritated my scar constantly! if you do find that they are too small and it irritates, you should change them asap.. I regret not changing mine sooner than i did. it ended up irritating my skin so much that it caused a bit of a rash because i was scratching and rubbing it so much... after changing the dressings i felt so much better.

Good luck with your surgery! The worst part is waiting for it to happen lol hope time goes quickly for you!

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I had Brazilian anatomicals under muscle and my incisions are about 5 cm long. Look for strips that are as long as possible, as other girls have said you don't want the edges too close to either end of your incision site. Also while you're looking have a peek a boo at some of the silicon patches - they come in a rectangular sheet and therefore cut to any length you need, and they're reusable. Not sure how my scars compare with others but I'm really happy with them 10 weeks on and I've been wearing the silicon each day every day.

Maybe just coincidence - who knows - but I'm going to keep wearing them til I run out ..

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