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Medical certificate for sick/personal leave?


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Hi ladies,

This may be a silly question but will the surgeon provide a medical certificate for me when I have my breast augmentation?

I would prefer to use my personal leave rather than annual leave, but I will have to provide a medical certificate.

Has anyone gotten a med cert for work before, and was it discreet/not made obvious why you were having time off work?



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Yeah Teenytiny I'm also getting a certificate for mine, I won't have enough annual leave as I'm taking 3 weeks in March for our wedding (yay!) so I want to use my sick leave. Technically you are medically unfit for work so I see no reason why your workplace shouldn't let you take it. I am taking four weeks for the same reason as janeybaby, my job has the possiblity of being physical and I need upper body strength to be effective at my job, without saying exactly what I do!

My PS will write one for me no probs, I'll get it the day after my op. My fiancee had a good point, if my work doesn't let me take the sick leave for whatever reason I will just take a weeks annual leave and tell them I'll see how I feel, then just call in sick....to bad for them! :)

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