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Anyone with Smooths that has gotten CC ???


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Seems the more i talk to people and read this website the more Im reading about Ladies with Textured getting CC ??

I wanna hear from women who have Smooth Implants and that have CC, have fought off CC or have had smooth removed due to CC.....

Also those with smooth do you massage?

Why did you choice smooths?

Do you worry about CC?

For me -

I massage at least twice a day, I don't see this as a negative as I swear I never touched my breast before my BA so I feel like I know my breast well now! I also feel this is a positive incase something changes and I will hopefully notice a change.

I picked smooth as my PS didn't feel there was enough evidence to say textured was better then smooth in CC prevention. My PS didn't offer Braz and I felt there wasn't enough info on them so I didn't think twice.... I guess now they are the latest craze I would consider them IF I had to go under again.

I used to worry a tiny bit about CC and other BA complications as I didn't want to be "The One"... however now I have read so many stories both on here and talking for friends of friends about textured ladies getting CC everytime I feel a niggle I panic!!! I guess I could also add the fact that so many ladies on here "Wouldn't dare have any other implant than a Braz" also plays in the back of my mind....


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Mark Ashton said that I don't need to massage mine... But I play with them enough to consider it massage ;-)

My understanding is that the theory was that textured reduced the chances of CC but as yet it hasnt actually been proven to show any statistically significant difference.

I'm of the belief that it's more down to the individual - some people are just more prone to developing it than others.

That's just my opinion though. Personally I wouldn't change a thing with my implants. Even if I need to have them re-done 10-15 years down the track, I'll go smooths again.

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Hi ladies

I have smooth implants. My PS also didn't feel there was enough evidence to say textured was better then smooth in CC prevention (and from the research I did on my own, I also found this).

He also said that because I have barely any padding on my chest that smooth implants would be better for me because they would be a bit softer/ squishier than textured.

I worry a bit about CC so massaging makes me feel better! I am only 4.5 weeks post op and am supposed to massage 3-4 times for the first 3 months, then if the implants are moving freely in the pocket with no signs of CC I can reduce to 2 times a day until 4 months, then once a day after 4 months to 12 months.

All's good so far - getting softer each week :)

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Thanks for your replies ladies....

Yes I have to agree with everything you have all said...

Friedabc - im 6mths+ now and I love massaging my boobs, i do it at least twice a day not to mention the times when hubby gives them a HONK as he walks past HAHAHA. I push the implant up from the bottom of the breast arpox 5 times for 5-10secs, push inwards from the outside of the breast, pancake my boob and cup the bottom and the top of the impant also... is this similar to what you do???

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