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Updated Photos - Tummy Tuck, liposuction and breast lift


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I'm feeling exhausted, because I havent had a proper night's sleep since I got out of surgery. I keep waking up every few hours. I feel like the walking dead. The pain is minimal, but there is pressure, and I still have to walk slightly hunched over although that is getting much better and I can walk quite a bit now. I've been taking the strongest pain killers I can find here, and that has made life better. No pain on boobs, pain where i had lipo, and the tummy has some pain still but very manageable. The back is sore from being hunched over. I can now sleep on my side so that is easing the back pain.

Desperate for a shower!! Tomorrow is my doc appointment so I'm hoping he'll give the go ahead for a shower tomorrow!

Looking fantastic francoise! You must be thrilled :) How are you feeling now - much pain or difficulty with movement? Bet you can't wait for that shower!! xx
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