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Has anyone been advised to get a lift with their implants & just had implants only?


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I had an online consult with a Dr from Thailand, he said I needed a lift. Then I ended up going with a surgeon in Aus and he said just having implants was fine. So I just had the implants and my surgery turned out really well...

It could just be the opinion of your Dr, another surgeon might think differently about your situation, if your unhappy getting a lift, try a second opinion, just to make sure its necessary.

If you go to a few consults and all Drs say the same thing, I would do te lift, if you don't it may cause that 'ball in sock' look :/

Hope that helps :)

Good luck!

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Hi there, I just had a lift and implants. It was a bit of a shock because I never thought of it, all I was focused on was implants. I was told that I had too much sag and loose skin for just implants. If I was to have just implants I would have to have ones that were so large it would be ridiculous looking and still have the possibility of the snoopy effect where your nipple hangs down the bottom or the egg where the implant would just be loose inside the shell/breast. It does come down to how much sag and skin you have. As the other girls said go and see other PS for more opinions. :-)

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