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Advice on revision

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Hi All, 


8 months ago I had a BA and BL. Implants were 275cc. Post surgery I was extremely happy with my result. I was under muscle. My recovery was amazing, quick and relatively pain free. 


I have since sagged again. I have been back for a consult with Dr Hamish Farrow and he agrees that I could do with a “tightening” which he says isn’t uncommon after a lift. He said by adding the implant you are adding more weight to already sagging breast so it makes sense to require a further lift once they have settled. 


Has as anyone experienced the same thing? And has anyone gone back for a revision. Hamish has waivered his fee for the revision as it was outlined from my initial consult that any revision within 12months is covered by the initial surgeons fee. 


I am just wanting to get more an idea of recovery from a revision. The implant will not be touched, it’s more a matter of tightening the existing skin. Surgeon says it will be under an hour in theatre and back driving and lifting within a few days. I have a two year old so just wanting to know if this is achievable? 


Also so if you re sagged after a secondary lift. 

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