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Dr Tavakoli vs Dr Stephen Liew


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Hi there, I have been for a consultation with both Dr Tavakoli and Dr Liew, and found them to be poles apart ....

Dr Liew was very professional and I had his full attention for a whole hour and went through photos to get my first reaction on what I thought were good/bad boobs, whereas Dr Tavakoli was brusque and was only with him for 15 mins in total despite paying a fee for a full hour consult. That said, I think that Tavakoli does seem to be brilliant ...

I am wanting to book in for pre-op consult to have them done this December and am undecided as to which one to proceed with. Would love to hear feedback/recommendations from anyone who has had the procedure done with either doctor please.

I am 63 kgs, 175 tall and looking at going from a 12B to a full size C or moderate profile C (round, textured), and wanting to achieve a 'natural' look without looking like they're stuck on my chest! Would love to see photos of before and after if you're wanting to share :)

Many thanks,


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Hi there,

As you can see I am going with Dr T next month...I have no experience with Dr Liew so can't advise you on him however I've spoken to a few of Dr T's patients on here and seen some after photos (Chopper is 3 weeks PO I think) and I am pretty happy with my choice! I get what you mean about him being a bit brusque in the consult. I had read somewhere before that the actual consult with him was only about 15 mins and his nurses for the rest so was prepared for that. What I like about him was that he seemed to be able to look at me and see exactly what I needed and was on par with what I wanted straight away.

I've not had any other consults with other surgeons for my BA, but I looked at A LOT of other surgeons before and afters and still liked Dr T's the most for that natural look that I am also really after.

I did have a consult with a surgeon a few years ago for a scar revision and from memory that was about $150 and was only for about 15 mins or something too so again....not suprised!!

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Hiya, Minimel was spot on with her feedback, chopper & I had ours the same day turns out (3.5 wks ago) and I am so pleased. My stats are very similar to yours and I too asked for a mid (to full) C cup. Dr T suggested a couple of sizes and booby greed took over and have ended up about a D maybe even DD & can honestly say I am so glad I did. Being tall they don't look out of proportion (are on the bigger side I suppose) and they are settling in and looking more natural each week that passes. I havent heard anything on Dr Liew either sorry but there are other threads on him I think. Good luck with your decision & feel free to ask any Q's :) PS. If you go with nagor impleo round textured, HP seems to be eqivalent to a mod/mod plus

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Hey I went with Dr Tavakoli (surgery 13/8/12) and I couldn't be happier.My results are way better than any of my friends, much more natural and Dr Tavakoli knew exactly what I wanted. Don't be afraid to go bigger if he suggests it either. I wanted 390cc's and he offered me 460cc's which I thought were monstrous but they look great now, I would have even gone bigger had I'd known. Goodluck x

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