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Are all partners this frustrating?! :/


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I have seen so many threads about non supportive partners. Why can't they just be supportive? argh! It's so frustrating! I have spoken to my partner last night in hope that he will accompany me to a consultation and instead copped a mouthful. I told him just to support me whatever my decision is. His reply "I can't support someone who constantly changes their mind". Okay, so some-day's I think I will have a BA (whether its now or in the future) and other days I think...no..maybe I shouldn't get it....but this is surgery, this is life changing..so of course I am going to think long and hard about it hence me going to a consultation to see if this is something I might do in the future. I'm in the "should I, shouldn't I" phase and can't seem to talk to him about it because he gets annoyed at me.

Have any of you ladies managed to take a non supportive partner with you to a consultation? How did you go about it? I wish he would just listen to me! We had a bit of a fight after our conversation last night and ended the call rather cold. I hate fighting over this but i'm sure if I go to a consultation that I will at least have some indication with what I want to do..and when I want to do it. Because my family aren't supportive I just thought he would be..and it hurts to know that he isnt...He tells me that I "have to listen to him" and that "I'm all talk" but really, this attitude just makes me want to get it done even more. I have read jbe's post and am so glad that her and her partner have worked through their problems. I guess I am in the same boat as jbe, only in reverse...if that makes sense? I just don't don't know if it's worth doing if it's going to cause all these problems. Like jbe said...BA is permanent and I don't want to feel guilty for going ahead with something that I know he isn't happy with. Does this make me a bad person for not thinking about him or as he says not thinking about "our future"? :(

Any advice would be really appreciated..thanks ladies.

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Hi Hun I'm sorry I can't really help there !! Why does he disapprove ? My hubby understood how sad I felt when I stopped breast feeding , he not only excepted I needed this to feel good again about my self he paid for the surgery which I will always be grateful xx for caring enough to put my issues of body image and desires before himself !! He would be happy which ever choice I made . I felt a little guilty at first but he told me to stop being silly and that after having my children it is okay to look after me for a change . I love them , he loves them . I just wanted to post about how my hubby was on the other side as I am truely thankful . Sorry for my ramble . I hope you both work things out . Maybe he is just scared about the idea !!

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Hi BoobieDreamer.

I can't say that i am in the same boat as you with this one. my partner is being very supportive through this whole lead up to my surgery. at first, he didn't really want me to get it done though. which made me second guess my thoughts about the whole thing.

BUT, "I" have wanted bigger boobs for as long as i can remember. i have constantly tried everything to try and be as healthy as possible by eating heaps to try and put on natural weight so i could put some more weight on my breasts, exersising, tried different pills to see if they helped put a little more weight on, but unfortunately, i am just a small framed person with a very fast metabolism so my weight goes up and down, so then my boobs do too!

i told my partner, that i wanted this for "me" this was something that i needed to do, and something that i have thought on and off about before i even met him.

it is for my self confidence my self image of what i have for myself, not him or anyone else.

He then accepted that, because i am doing it for the right reasons, and he told me he loves me how i am now, and he will love me when i have my surgery too.

i can't tell my family either. they wouldn't support me. my sister had hers done nearly 10 years ago, because she never developed, so that was ok for her, but because THEY think my boobs are fine, they wouldn't support me because i want it done for me, so i am just not telling them, so that is one less thing i have to stress about.

In my opinion, i think that if your partner love YOU then it shouldn't matter what you get done, really, it's not like you are changing the complete way of how you look, so you don't look like you anymore.

it should make them happy to see you are doing something for yourself and that it will help you as a person and for your confidence as a woman. not make you feel **** for doing something that you want.

you are not a bad person by any means, don't think that. it's your body, and you are in control of it.

hope this helped :)

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this is so bizarre, i also had an arguement with my partner last night.. not for being unsupportive, he just cant give me his opinion, which i need so much right now. he seems to have gone numb on the subject and just says 'Its your decision, do it for you not for me".. This is frustrating and upsetting for me, i AM doing this for me but i worry about how he will see me afterwards..

I guess i too need to hear that he will accept me after the surgery also..

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Hey boobie dreamer,

I can't say that I can relate as I had my consult yesterday and hubby was so happy to be squishing all these large implants.

But what I can say is my husband said last night he felt a lot better about the whole operation being more informed. The surgeon spoke to both of us and let us know the process the complications and where my partner would be involved to help and support afterwards and things he could do.

Maybe if your partner has more insight and understanding he would feel more comfortable. Knowing there is a role for him to play as your support person.

Best of luck.

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Hi BoobieDreamer, my hubby is being supportive luckily even though he would rather I not have a BA. He does have his moments where he just gets annoyed at me but generally he is OK. A couple of times I have thought I might have to cancel after an argument.

If I were you I would make up my mind ASAP that you will or won't get the BA, let him know your decision and then probably not discuss it too much with him. If you need help with anything, ask all the wonderful ladies on here for their opinions, there are a lot of us here and willing to help each other out with advice! :)

I did not take my hubby to any of my consultations. I didn't see the need for him to take time off work to come with me and also I didn't want to have my opinion changed by what he might think when he was talked through the op and sizes.

Good luck! :)

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We have quite a similar situation before my fiancee start to show a bit of interest in what I want t say. You partner statement, "I can't support someone who constantly changes their mind", I had a similar one said to me too. Well, I was in the same situation, 'should I or shouldn't I', I been blabing to him about everything I read about BA and the alternative to him everyday, he was kind of fed up and not really want to discuss any further. I think, your partner might like mine, a very practical person. In their mind, they will weight the pro & cons, the risks, the procedure, the health status of body, then they will make the decision. Once the decision made, seldom change. Well, this is how mine doing stuff. So, they can't understand why we keep in the should or shouldn't situation....you got your fact, you suppose to be able to decide but we are women, at least I don't think like him.

I think, maybe after you sit down with him, lay out everything you know, make some notes so that you are confident in what you are talking, he would understand you did your homework, and he will discuss with you. After he knows you are serious and did your research well, he might willing to go to the consultation with you. You do not need to go to a consultation to know everything about BA procedure. Internet has wealth of information.

I think he feel like wasting time to go to consult. when you still can't decide what you want to do. but to you, that is the reason you go to a consult to decide what you want.

Well, Man is from Mars, Woman is from Venus!

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Hi boobiedreamer

I'm about 5 weeks post op. My hubbie was a bit more like Link01's in that he was supportive because he understood that I wanted it done to feel good about my body again but he also didn't really want me to do it and was happy with the way I was.

He came along to a couple of consultations but wasn't really interested in discussing the whole process except that he wanted me to make sure I would be happy with the size and not regret going too small (because originally I thought that 275cc was too big and only wanted 220cc...I ended up choosing 300cc and so glad I did because they don't feel big at all).

Anyway, I guess you can't make your partner 'interested' but you can ask for support and I don't think that's too much to expect in a good relationship.

I also personally feel that in a long term relationship it's important to consider how he would feel about your boobs post op...and that's really hard when he's not interested in discussing it. So maybe just show him a few pics of the type of result you are after and ask if that would totally turn him off or on?? (but also make it clear that post op results are dependant on pre op anatomy and the size/ type of implant and your surgeon...and there are risks but also great rewards!)

But that said, of course the most important thing is that you will be happy as it's your body and your life!

Sam also makes a good point that he will have an important role to play as your support person especially if your family won't.

In terms of discussing all the other stuff, this forum is a great place to do that when partners just aren't interested! Because we are and many have gone through the same things :)

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Thank you for all the advice ladies. I really appreciate it! It's so good to read stories where partners are actually supportive on the decisions that you make.

Below is my story at my attempt in talking to my boyfriend about BA. It's a little lengthy, and I apologies, but I just thought you may have all wanted an update on my situation and if I could get further thoughts on the matter that would be great :)

I ended up having 'the talk' again with my partner. I told him to hear me out, which he did, but sadly he is still not supportive on my decision to get BA.

So, we were lying in bed...about to get freaky, when I removed my shirt and well..yup..ruined the moment by bringing up BA. (It probably wasn't the best time or place, but I knew it had to be done eventually and he had to understand my point of view..and I thought what better way to bring it up buy me showing him what was, in my opinion, wrong with me)

We ended up side by side, looking at each other before he proceeded to tell me that he really doesn't want me to get them done because he loves them the way they are and that he believes I would be ruining my body because there is nothing wrong with my breast size now.

He signed and told me that they would look fake and he wouldn't like that. I found this slightly amusing seeing as his porn collection mostly consists of big busted women. I don't care that he has porn, that isn't the issue, but for him to tell me he doesn't like the 'fake' look had me puzzled because, like I said, majority of his collection are women with..well, breast implants. So, he can watch these women with breast implants, but when it comes to his partner, he's rather I didn't have them?

He told me that it wasn't his fault that 80% of porn stars had breast implants and when I asked him what the difference would be If i got them done he brought up the issue on how they would 'feel'. Ahh, so it's bout 'feeling'..it's about how HE would feel touching them...and whether they FELT the way that HE wanted. *sigh*

"Hard and like rocks, with no movement" were his words. At which point, I used information that I have researched and found on this forum, and told him that furry Brazilians (which is the implant I would want to get) could take 6-12 months to soften. No dice. He shook his head and grabbed my breasts softly, saying "I want these and only these". Okay, this guy is hard to crack.

I asked him if he was worried that I would change, or get more confidence or attention and he replied with a "no" and said that he knows I wouldn't leave him, and he wouldn't care if i got the extra attention because I would be his and no one else's. He said his main problem with the whole thing was that 'I don't need implants to begin with'.

So, now I am stuck. I really would like to go to a consultation but he just isn't for it. He said there is no point in wasting money on going if I am indecisive and because he wouldn't support me even if I did.

Am I alone here? Has anyone come across a similar scenario and asked there partners this (or something similar)? I need to get through to my partner on how much it would mean to me to be in a body that I'M comfortable in.

oh, and needless to say...we didn't end up doing anything..the talk ruined the moment.

Thanks for reading this ladies, I know it was a little long but it's always good to let how I'm feeling out (I hate keeping things bottled up) and good to get outside perspectives on the matter.

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Hi BoobieDreamer,

It's good that you can let it all out on here. I just read back your other posts so I know a little bit more :) Sorry to hear that you had another disagreement about having a BA. My husband is being very supportive (I'm not saying that to make you feel bad..) but I can relate this to other issues that we've faced in the past.

First of all, I've never liked my boobs but I never really made a big deal about it because in some ways I didn't want out point out any faults. I think, like any man, my husband just likes boobs so they were fine as far as he was concerned. I have joked in the past about getting a BA but I always thought I'd get serious about it after having children. So, after breastfeeding for pretty much three years continuously, I decided to do some research. I sat down with him after the New Year and told him that I had decided to do it and that I would love his support. He was really shocked but I had prepared a lot of info for him and I was honest about my feelings towards my boobs for the first time. It was good to get it out there but it also helped that I was ale to give him some facts and figures too. So, the next step was consultations, which I flew down to Brisbane by myself to do. I don't want to keep going on about myself, so I'll get to the point! The more informed you are, the better you will feel about this and the decision that you make - which may be not to do it yet. The consults aren't a waste of money if they help you make a decision. Explain to the surgeons that you see that kids may not be to far off and they may tell you that waiting may be best. Your partner may take a long time to get used to the idea, but that may be what he needs. The other thing is that I basically said to my husband that I was pretty much 100% and it would be the best thing ever if he could tell me that he would go along with it too. Then I said I'd leave him to have a think and I didn't ask him about it for a few days.

It's a hard one but I explained that it's not just about looking busty on the beach for me. I want to look in the mirror after having a shower and like what I see, not just put on a bra to cover up.

Take care:) xx

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BoobieDreamer, do you really really realy 100% sure you want the BA? If you din't get it, you will not be happy?? Do you pay for your BA?

If your answer is yes, then go and get it. Yes, we should respect our the other half opinion. Yes, we should respect our other half's feelings. These to statement is going both way!!! If you will not be happy if you didn't do something with your breast like BA..... I think, you should do it or you will not be happy. I believe, he will want you to be happy too, right?

He can disagree with you having BA, but if you pay for it and you will not be happy with your body if you didn't get BA, he should respect your decision.

You happiness is as important as his feeling.

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My DH got full sleeve tattoos even after I told him I didn't want him to. For years he said that he didn't want me to get a BA but now is on board because he has modified his body (without my feelings on the matter being important) so why am I not allowed to ;)

What if your partner came home and said he wanted full sleeves or to stretch his lobes for plugs? Would you be alright with that?

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Thank you Blair08 :) So happy to hear that your partner is on board with you getting a BA. I bet you're excited! :) I will send you a fr, would love to hear about your BA journey. I also think you're right. A consultation isn't a waste of money, especially if it would help me in my decision making on BA and I should explain this to my partner. He told me that he's worried that at the consultation I would be so excited and want to book it right then and there. But I really would need time to think about it and let all the information sink in. I was looking at Dr Tavakoli but am now a little curious at Dr Harwood in Brisbane as all the girls here on the forum recommend him highly. Which doctor have you decided to going with?

Ace80, I really do want bigger breasts, and the only way this is possible is through BA. At the moment, it would be difficult (financially) but it is something I really want to do. As much as my partner doesn't want me to, I think I need to do what makes me happy, otherwise I'm only pleasing him. I guess the only really con here is the replacement of the implant every 10 years or so..that's more money and another surgery. Still, a consultation would definitely make me well informed on pros and cons of BA. I think the surgeon would also recommend whether I should wait until after I have children (as I would like to have them in about 3 years) to have the surgery or not. When is your big day? :)

Kitteh, glad to hear your hubby is on board with your decision! :) Hmm, I guess if my partner came home telling me he wanted a sleeve or plugs in his lobes...that if it made him feel better about himself then he should go for it...but should keep in mind his career as that may impact on future job role and positions. :p

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I'm glad you seem to feel a little better :) We were absolutely not in a financial position to do this pre kids, so I know how that feels. I have also decided that I will probably aim/save for revision in about 10 years, even though they say the Brazilian implants may last longer. Things have picked up for us in the last couple of years so I'm lucky that this is possible...I went to the Gold Coast for my consults, one was $50 and the other Dr bulk billed it so it wasn't too bad, apart from flights etc! It was worth it though. The forums and internet are great but it's another story to be in the Dr's office and hopefully you'll get lots of info and get to ask all of your questions. I considered Dr Tavaloki, I used to live in Sydney so would have felt comfortable staying down there. I have heard that his consults cost a little more though. I waited about 2 months in between consults and booking, it is exciting when you find a Dr you like but I made myself wait a bit...just to be sure that this was what I wanted.

On another note, if you are thinking about having a baby in the next few years that is better than having the most perfect boobs in the world! If there were no procedure to change the way my breasts look I would still spend all that time breastfeeding, it's one of the best things I ever did xxx

ps I'm going with Dr ****** :)

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BoobieDreamer that's awful to hear that you're having such a tough time with him. My piece of advice is to remember that we are different to men and you're applying what I call Girl Brain to whole situation and men (boys) do not and will not ever understand all that goes into girl brain...

Girl Brain Explained in BA decision making process:

9AM: I really want bigger boobs 1PM: But do I really need them? 4PM: Yes I totally need them they will look great in bikinis, dresses and I will feel great 6PM: But I should be grateful I am in perfect health this is silly 8PM: Stop being vain and be happy with what you have... DREAM STATE: dream about being at the beach with small boobies surrounded by girls in bikinis with big boobs and catch BF staring at them...

AM NEXT DAY: Totally getting boobs!!!!

So what I am getting at is use this forum and your GF's to vent it all out about how you're feeling and when you feel insecure about your decision. If you decide you want them (WHICH YOU SEEM LIKE YOU DO AND TRUST ME IT'S AMAZING) give him the need to know information and sound confident when you're talking about it and keep the info to a minimum so he get's curious and asks you questions!

My partner has always been a big boob supported which I felt insecure about, but he love(D) my little boobies so much and assured me I didn't need them but knew how much I wanted them. Leading up to surgery he was getting all sentimental about the little girls disappearing! to which I finally said last night:

THE LITTLE GIRLS WILL STILL BE THERE, THEY WILL JUST BE LIKE CHERRIES ON TOP!!! He laughed and has been pretty good since he picked me up just keeps checking to see if i am happy with them LOL

Sorry for the long rant, I am drugged up hehehehe

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Well it's a hard 1 but common I think and the way u change ur mind is normal after all it is a massive life changing desicion but I guess I'm lucky my partner has been able to c behind all the stereotypical reasons for wanting to get BA he has seen me change my mind thousands of times but he has also seen me never get over the fact that I want them. He said to me just do it otherwise u never will. I think the best thing to do is to sit down when u both are calm and just tell him that u want to talk to him about why u want them and ur thoughts otherwise if he really won't listen write it all in a letter ur doing this for u and I know u don't want to cause problems but at the end of the day he isn't the one walking around everyday with something attached to his body that he can't stand I think u need to explain that u r getting them for u to be happier with yourself and for ur self esteem. Also that you would love to share this moment with him at a consult so he can understand y u actually want them. My partner said that before he met me he only thought girls got implants to show them off and to get male attention but now he realizes that there is a reason that is really more medical which effects girls self esteem and their mental status I think if u can get ur man to realise that ur reasons are for urself and for more of a medical reason than a cosmetic reason he may be more understanding I mean I'm getting mine because I feel as ifs have a defect I have no boobs and when everyone else grew boobs through there teens I didn't. I think the best thing to do is to sit down with him and explain very honestly and openly your reasons for wanting them. Good luck hun

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Boobiedreamer. My hubby is a boob man and loved ,my pre op saggy breast fed shriveled socks full of sand. He had always said you don't need your boobs done I love you the way you are.....after years of ear bashing and explaining how miserable I was whenever I undressed or we where intimate I would always feel very insecure about him looking at me even though he always makes me feel super sexy even with my stretched belly and pre op boobies flapping in the wind he still supported my decision but he didn't come with me to any consults .... He wanted me to research and ask all the questions and make sure I was completely happy with my research and surgeon....I was fortunate to know a few people that had used my surgeon and I asked them questions, looked and felt their breasts and decided after a long 2 Years to go ahead . My husband had lots of questions which I answered but he was very clear that he didn't want to influence or discourage me he joked about size etc... But even after I made my decision he told me he was happy for me just to feel confident again. As For the way they feel I had nagar smooth round unders and I can already swish them together , they bounce and certainly don't look fake ....your partner may need time to adjust to the idea it mst be really frustrating and if you do all your research and theN take it home for him to read through ....at the end of the day its about you and your body. The 10 year replacement won't happen for me I waited to have babies and would have loved them 6 years ago ( I have 2 kids and lost a bub in between at 5 months ) so my boobs have been stretched big, small, big small...saggy....my youngest (6yrs) so I'm 37 in October and I figure in 10years my boobs Should still be quite perk :)my surgeon told me its highly unlikely I'd want replacements that most implants will last longer :) good luck sweetie

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Hi ladies, thank you so much for your experience stories and advice.

I thought I would give you all an update on how things are going with me.

So, I ended getting into contact with Dr Harwood and he recommenced that I wait until after I have children because my "breasts may stretch with pregnancy and breast feeding and you may need to change your implants to fit snugly again".

My partner (needless to say) loves Dr Harwood and his recommendation lol

My partner thinks that this would certainly buy us some time before having to discuss the issue again.

Wrong. lol

Now, even though I got this recommendation from dr Harwood I am still curious and would love a second opinion. Ladies, do you think that I am wasting my time even going to get another consultation seeing as I may not even be getting a BA before the end of next year? I just feel that If i don't go I will always wonder 'what if' and think it would settle my mind on whether I am making the right decision. Does this make sense?

I managed to have a proper conversation with my partner about BA and it, for the first time, didn't end with a fight! Horay!

He told me that he loved me the way I am but If I were to get a BA it should be AFTER I have children. Children are on the cards for 3 years time...but I am impatient. Then again, I think..."Am I being selfish? Am I putting my happiness before that of my future children?"

Are there any mothers out there out there who, I guess, purposely waited to have children and then get their BA?

Or are there any ladies who knew they would have children in the near future and went ahead with a BA anyway?

How did it make you feel? Do you think you made the right decision?

Thank again ladies, you girls really do keep me sane. xx

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I don't have any children yet but I plan to in the next 2-3 years like yourself and I understand the idea of waiting until after you have them to hace the BA. BUT I feel like having a baby takes your life to a new level and you go through so much to have that child. So why not do something for yourself NOW when life is still all about you ( Please don't take that the wrong mumma bears). I feel like pregnancy will make my boobs more natural... HOWEVER there are a lot of pro's for waiting like breast feeding and getting the perfect result with implants after pregnancy..

I don't know if that helps you at all..... I feel like having the BA is something personal so why prolong it any longer when everyone says they wish they did it earlier!!!!

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Hi BoobieDreamer,

It sounds like you've turned a bit of a corner with your partner, which is great :) I said before that a BA wasn't really feasible before we had kids but I suppose that's not strictly true. When I think of all the money I've spent personally on clothes, hair, make up, nights out, BRAS! etc, if I had really really wanted to, I could have easily saved the cash. I think there was always a part of me that wanted to be 100% natural when I was breastfeeding - no offence to anyone who has made a different decision!

It sounds like your partner loves you (and your boobs) very much. I think it's a good idea to go for another consult, so that you are as informed as possible. If you choose to go for a BA after babies then you will be ready to go!

Your body will give you free, natural curves before, during and after pregnancy. Most of the ladies seem to feel like I did. That having naturally bigger boobs is pretty great! Also after all the changes you go through with your body, a BA after baby is a wonderful thing to do for yourself (speaking as a pre op person) if that's what you want. I suppose the thing for me is that I know that I've finished having my family and so I can (hopefully) look at this being my only BA surgery for a while.

So, I am happy with my decision. Also, my partner sounds a little like yours. If I had brought this up a few years before children were on the cards he wouldn't be as supportive as he is now. I don't think he would have been happy with me breastfeeding with implants, and I would have to respect his feelings about that.

I hope I don't sound negative...This will happen for you, it's just a question of when xx

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At the end of the day, it is your body. If you want it, do it. He will come around in the end. If you're happier, he will be too. End of story. The women I met in Bangkok recently on a group tour with Destination Beauty, not one who got implants went home disappointed with their new boobs. And I believe husbands and partners very happy too. :) So, my advice would be to do your research, make your decision (if it's something you really want then do it - life is short and you are an adult - so the decision is ultimately yours) - don't bombard him with too much information imho - just give him the facts. Be a strong woman - do what you want. You won't regret it.

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Hi BoobieDreamer,

Sorry to hear that you two are not quite eye to eye yet.

Here's my 2c. Hope it helps.

1, I'd seriously consider waiting if your are close to starting a family. We did. (Yes, I said we: combined decision) For us, that was the right choice.

The reason is that your body is going to change heaps during and after pregnancy, and with little kids, breastfeading etc, it takes a hammering.

As has been pointed out, your boobs are going to benefit size wise, even in during the early stages of pregnancy - think of it as a trial run!

2, Heaps of girls here get their BA done after kids. Very common. My wife is 39, our kids are 6 and 8. Relationship-wise we are the strongest ever now and that probably helps me being able to support her decision fully. If you dig, there is a thread about age. Was at least 2-3 months back.

3, Try to think of what else he is thinking and may not be putting into words. I had concerns mainly about safety and about how it might alter her personality (or not!). The answers are out there, so I encourage you to encourage him to find out more himself. Point him at my blog, which details my journey. (start at oldest post. It's pretty much a chronology of my story so far.)

4, You can tell him directly from me: Holy Crap, they are great! They were hard for a few weeks, but now are really well on the way to softening up. I kinda like them a little bit firm. What is most important - she *loves* them. Dr H has unleashed a tiger!!!

I have the highest respect for Dr H, and I think his advice is solid. Goes to show he has "His Girls" best interests at heart if he recommends you wait, rather than taking the money anyway.

Good luck. You are in the right place here. Lots of supportive people to help answer your questions.

If your guy has any questions, I'm happy to answer him too.

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Hi lovely ladies and sigothr :)

Once again, thank you for all your opinions. It has really helped me out and I really do appreciate it

This has been something that I wanted to do for a long time. I am only 24 and know that my boobs will no longer grow, as I have now well and truly gone through puberty (although my boobs didn't want to take part in this process)

I am not prepared financially but am willing to work my butt off to go after what I want. I have recently started to apply at more jobs to help me along this journey.

It's so difficult to wait...as the more I look at my boobs the more I hate them. I took a picture of myself a few nights ago in a crop top and burst into tears. I can't believe I am getting so emotional about it. I keep thinking, how many Summers have to pass before I can feel good about myself?

I know that, right now, it might not be the best time to go ahead with BA....but seeing as I am sitting on the fence about it.. I have gone ahead and booked a consultation with Dr Anoop Rastogi for December. I figured that I may as well be well informed about the ins and outs of the procedure. I managed to convince my partner to come along with me and although he isn't thrilled about it..he knows it means a lot to me. In saying this, I know how much it would mean to him to have our future children breastfed while I'm all natural. If he understands enough to come along to a consultation with me then I should understand and respect his wishes too, right?

We would love to have kids within the next 3 years, and if it goes as quick as this year then I am sure my turn will come along in no time. (Birth control sabotage? Only kidding) lol

I agree with you all and think it's important for my partner and myself to be well informed. The more he understands what is involved about the procedure the more he will support this decision and how it would make me feel (I hope). As Blair08 said in a previous post, I will at least know what I want upon leaving the consultation and when I am ready to go ahead with it I will, knowing well and truly what I am in for.

sigothr, thank you for clarifying things up from a males perspective. I honestly believe my partner is worried about how my breasts will feel post BA but after showing him your post he was a little relieved. He was also quite happy at your suggestion to wait until after we have kids to go ahead with a BA. Thank you for giving him a little peace of mind :) Still, I don't see the harm in going to a consultation as I think it will really clear things up for me as well as my partner.

The total price for a BA with Dr. Rastogi is over the 10,000 mark...I'm not sure if we can actually say how much on here though? I've done my research and it's one of the highest I have come across. In saying that I really do like his before and afters as they look amazing and really natural. I guess I will just have to save save save and it will def be worth it in the end! I am excited for my consultation and to see what size range I can go up to. (I'm a little lame for getting excited already but I see it as the first step to my journey) :)

I'll keep you all posted on my consultation with Dr Rastogi and his recommendations for me. I'll continue to support and follow everyone's journey. There is so much support on these forums and I love it! :)

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Hey i know how your feeling my boyfriend was like this too. when i first wanted to get it done i told him and he blew up at me cos his sister was getting a boob job too and he was upset about that. so i didnt even think about until a year later when i still really wanted to get one. i went to a consult just to hear what the doctor said and to make sure i was serious about it. i then knew it was something i wanted to get done for myself and let him know that i went to the consult. He did a 180 and was fine about it and really supportive. I think because he knew how serious i was about it and seen his sister go through it so he knew that the person isnt gonna change who they are! i think most boys feel insecure about their girlfriends getting boob jobs.

But people definetly do change their minds i would just go to the consult by yourself and decide if its right for you and then take him to a second one. I would get my boyfriend to look through before and after photos and other pics of girls to decide what i wanted and it was a fun thing for him as well. He ended up loaning me the money for it even when i didnt ask or expect it from him. so definetly keep working on it good luck!!

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