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What do I need to pack for my Thailand surgery/Flight - before & after care?


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What do I need to pack for my Thailand surgery/Flight - before & after care? (Breast augmentation & lift - Dr Preeyapas)

I have seen people talking about compression straps for flights, Scar healing tape, special mist sprays to help prevent bruising & now I'm freaking out that I'm not prepared at all. A friend also said the hospital/Dr should have sent me a list of things to get to help my before & after recovery/care, did anyone else get sent a list like this?

Really needing help!

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Hi maddi:)

I am like you, I leave next week (surgery on the 6th oct but having a long holiday). All I have bought is an ice gel pack (cause I saw it in the chemist it can be heated or frozen) and waterproof dressings (I'm going to Thailand so taking every precaution)

The only other thing BA related is my rose hip oil for stretch marks but already had that..I'll buy some betadine and tomorrow I'm buying some post op bras..from what the girls have said a sports bra with no underwire:) and I'll prob buy some of those ahh bras.. But that's about it for me ! I'll probably get there and think there was something I missed but I'm only taking carry on ( buying a bag over there for all my shopping on the way home) and figure I can prob buy what I need over there..

Hope this eases your mind a bit :)

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Are you going with Bangkok Makeovers Maddi? I wouldn't stress too much - they have a list of stuff you can take on the FB page (notes section) but they pretty much have everything over there (icepacks etc). You buy the post surgical bra off them, so I think its just a case of your clothes, toiletries and comfort things like a neck pillow etc. I have been thinking more about clothes that will be easy to get on and off and also wont be too hot...

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