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Overs- anatomical or round?!

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Hi , with the anatomical implants if you look side on (the profile view) the top of the implant to the fullest part tends to have a more smooth tapered take off where as a round can look a little mor fuller at the top, a round implant can tend to look a little more fake especially if you dont have a lot of breast tissue to camouflage the implant edges,  although that being said some round implants can look like anatomical ones too.

What kind of look are you after, if you want a more natural looking breast then Anatomical may be a good option , do you have any wish pics 

Here is a pic of mine front on is 14 mpo and side on is 13 mpo 440cc hp anatomical partial unders 



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@margaretriver anatomical implants have a textured shell that adhere to the surrounding tissue like velcro to stop them from rotating,  the first 6 wks of healing is the most crucial as it is in this time that the implant needs to adhere to your tissues after that you should be fine, on a side note i have a girlfriend in the fitness industry with anatomical overs and hers have not rotated and look as good as when she first had them she is now 7 yrs post op and has had no issues and they are quite soft and have a goid bounce and jiggle to them ( she let me have a good feel when i was in my research phase ?

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