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1 Month 1 Week

My time

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Hello Ladies

I am 1month 1 week post surgery have loaded new pics today. I am feeling like my boobies are more a part of me day by day, went for my first run yesterday since surgery only did 5 ks and the girls didn't bounce too much...will increase the K's by the week, baby steps back into it. I haven't had many people notice my new additions, i some days wished id gone bigger, but i am only 157cm tall and i think any bigger would have made me look too top heavy.

I am sleeping on my tummy too which is a lil weird but once i fall asleep i don't notice it. I still get achey boob first thing in the morning and sometimes late a night but massaging soon relieves that :) My incisions are healing well only a fine red line now and the bio oil is getting well used. I am wearing a 12d Comfort bra which i am finding the tops of my breasts are spilling over a little but the sides of the bra under the arms are a little big ...i cant fit a 10dd . I have being wearing crop tops mainly and resorting back to the berlei sports bras i was given post op (wearing the 2 to run lol) Oh well thats it from me, hope all post ops are doing well and those about to have surgery YAY:p !

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Hi My Time,

Sounds like you start to enjoy your boobies, nice to hear know that! Dcup is my goal, I am quite petite so I am not sure I will fit more than D cup. Not having BA yet, will know in the future. :D

Please keep us post...looking forward to hear your adventure with your new boobies!!!

Take Care!!

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Ok Im almost at the 2 month Mark and i am happy today :) i have days when i still have a whinge to hubby about wishing id gone that lil bigger but he reassures me they are fine :)... My boobies are very soft and squishy, had my first massage the other day and i did fell like i was lying on balloons full of water but it wasnt unbearable. Managing to go on my runs in 2 sports bras as i havent purchased any underwire bras yet (have to wait 1 more month) I massage my breasts prob 2x per day or when i remember mainly in the shower, seeing the surgeon next week for 2 month progress check.. My nipples are as high as i think they are going to be now....i have uploaded progress shots today.. My weight has stablised back to pre op which is great, have changed my eating habits which helped. I cant wait to buy some new under wire bras, 12d seems to fit but some brands are a lil small so I may have to shop around...the comfort bra i have in a 12d is not cupping my entire breast seems to spill over a little ....

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Great to hear your progress My time :)

Love that they're soft and squishy and that you're back to pre-op weight. I'd been wondering about when the heck I'll be able to get a massage - can't imagine lying on these torpedoes at the moment!

Had a look at your pics - I'm so jealous of the cleavage you can get without any wires! Hope I can achieve similar when they soften a bit. Your slope is lovely and natural as well :)


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