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Mum having BA on Tuesday, starting to get nervous, lots of questions! Please help!


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Hello, I've just joined this fab forum, and am very excited to have found some friends to. Talk to about implants!!!

My background...I'm 36, have two children aged 5 months and 4 years. Breast fed both.

I'm booked in with Dr Topchian on Tuesday to have a small amount of lipo and while I had my consultation with him, I decided to get my boobs done at the same time, to save both time and money. It's all come around quite quickly, and I'm nervous. None of my friends have had implants, and I'm planning on keeping quiet about it.

I used to be a good 10d, now I'm about a 10b. Still have boobs, no sagging, but have lots all volume above the nipple. I just want volume back, fullness that I had per kids, not big boobs or bigger than before, super natural. Dr Top chain has recommended the following, and I'd love your opinion...

Furry Brazilian.


Oval shape.

220 cc

Above muscle.

I'm 162cms, 57kgs, small build, fit.

I have some questions.

Has anyone used Dr Topchian?

Has anyone had the rapid recovery technique, how was it?

Do you think the above stats will give me a natural look? Dr Topchian said I'll be a d size again.

With teardrop, is it star be that boobs stay upright while lying down?

How swollen are you immediately after operation? Too swollen to hide from friends, or is it easily hidden?

With furries, how soft do they become, or do they feel quite hard and fake?

I really want this op. I'm dreaming of filling out a triangle bikini this summer!!!

I'd love your opinions, thank you so much fellow BA friends!!!


Ps if anyone has had a BA with similar stats, I'd love to see!!

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Hi Kittykit - welcome to the forum!

I've heard some great reviews on Dr Topchian. The 220 implant sounds great if you're looking from going from a B to a D. I think you'll have a great natural result - perky and full. Furries can take anywhere up to 12 months to fully soften, but most girls on here report softening starts at about one month post op. After the first week, you should be able to hide it very well, depending on the clothes you wear - you can just say you bought a great new bra!!

Good luck on Tuesday! I'm going in 2 days after you :) I've sent you a FR - look forward to following your journey.


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Hi Kittykit :)

I don't know anything about your PS but have heard a few ladies on here use him. The anatomical shape should give you the most natural shape and the 220cc should give you a D from a B without looking fake. They should be easy to hide if you wear looser clothing and the top swelling make be a bit obvious for a while if you wear low cut clothes. Like JenJen said, the brazilians can take a year to soften while they lose their outer coating that gives them their firmness. They also seem to require you to wait longer than regular implants to wear an underwire bra, I think around 6 months going by what some others who have had them say.

Good luck!

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