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Spitting Stitches


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I was wondering if anyone has had experience with Spitting stitches? (where the body pushes undissolved stitches to the surface)

My Surgeon has said I should pull the threads with a tweezers and snip them with a scissors, this is a little difficult

Just wondering if you did have this what you did about it, how long it lasted for you ect

I am using breastfeeding nipple covers and some gauze over the nipple incision area to protect it and a bandage over the crease incision adn clean it with dettol wash and then betadine, its quite the mission after every shower! ;) ha

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I had 1 external stitch at the end of my incision that needed to be removed on day 7. My doctor said we can do this at home, or see a GP/nurse. After half hour of looking and pulling at it, we decided it was best to get a professional do it and the doctor did it quickly and easily. I would recommend seeing a professional to avoid infection or any further complications :)

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Its healed really nicely, its just some undissolved stitches working their way out but it does feel weird to go at my new boobies with a tweezers and scissors lol

Thanks Flowery thats reassuring, I went to the GP with some that were in a tricky position and she took care of it no problems.

I was just wondering how much longer it will go on, Im hoping Im just having a clean out of what left and thats that :)

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