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Swollen at 2.5 weeks after Hematoma following BA

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I had BA sub pectoral 305 cc moderate plus 2.5 weeks ago. When I got out of surgery I had severe swelling in left breast that was traveling towards my neck and in a lot of pain. I had to return to the hospital 2 hours after being discharged to have another surgery to fix the hematoma. I had a suction pump? put in to remove the blood pooling in breast, when it ran clear they removed it about a week later. Understandably my left breast is still a little bigger and more swollen than my right and Doc said it would take some time for my body to absorb the fluid. Both breasts are still very very swollen and tight. The right breast is slightly loser and I can move the implant around but the left doesn't seem to be budging as much. I am so uncomfortable and I feel like I'm wearing bowling balls. I was a 34 A/B before and I had perky breasts so not too much tissue to work with. How long does the swelling last??? Anyone ever had complications like this? Hematoma? And if so, when did everything relax and heal for you. I know I have to be patient bc the implants and tissue change so much but they feel and look ridiculous.

In pic the problem boob is on left.



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Hey hun, sorry I can't help re the hematoma, perhaps do a search in the forum threads to find other girls who may have had similar. The swelling does take time to settle down and you've had an early complication. It will settle down at this stage it's just a day by day wait for it to settle and subside - take care x

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Hi and welcome,  sorry to hear the start to your ba journey has not been a good one, i myself have no experience with a hematoma but i am lead to believe that it does take time for the swelling to subside,  my advice would be to take one day at a time and try to be patient and kind to yourself,  you have many changes to come and your breasts look good so far once the brusing and swelling has subsided they will look much better. Take care and keep us updated on how your doing. 

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