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Textured round implants

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With anatomical implants which is what I currently have when lying down they spread apart a bit however they still stay standing up if that makes sense projection wise. If I was to switch to textured rounds would these also do the same since the textured adheres to the muscles and breast tissue? Or do they flatten out as they aren't quite as cohesive I found when I examined them years ago in a consult? Having a really hard time deciding which implants would suit me better and the look I'd like to achieve. I like a rounded shape but not completely bolted on looking (please don't take offence I like all boobs but it's just not the look for me). I like when the cleavage area and upper pole is rounded However side on topless there's a slight sloped look. Sorry if I'm not explaining myself too well. I just feel my surgeon who did my revision and who I have an upcoming consult with will try to recommend anatomicals again as they are his preference and in a year he said he had only inserted 3 sets of round implants as it was the patient requests. Trying to be as informed as possible with the differences between the 2 types of implants. 

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