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HELP! Need advice pls. Think I have CC

Emma Jane

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Hi Ladies,

I've been reading a few post about cc and I'm pretty sure that's what's happening with my implant.

I had my BA just over a year ago and have been waiting for my right to "drop" and look like my left :(

I doesn't sit in the pocket and is coming across into my other implant. I also get a sharp tight pulling pain coming down from my collar bone to my implant, the past week I now get pain just at the top part of my underarm.

I saw my PS a month or so ago and he said that I do have a little CC but not to worry, that the implant can't go right across my chest has its in a pocket. I just don't feel this has helped put my mind at ease.

I've read some posts where the girls has private health insurance and was wondering what cover they had? I also have health insurance and want to fix what is happening but atm am unable due to cost.

I'm also scared to go back to my PS I don't want him to think I'm being stupid and obsessive.

its just for 12 months I've been upset over my boob thinking i should be so happy now I have boobs but im still so self conscious .

Please help!!

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Wow Emj that sounds horrible I'm not to sure about private health insurance companies but my PS told me its a good idea to get private health insurrance because once something goes wrong most will fix it I guess you could ring some Ur health insurer and just ask the question did u get brizillan implants they have a 10 yr warranty program? It's called polytech Just google it. I guess you may be able to consider this if u require them to be fixed sorry I'm not to much helpful

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Hi Emma Jane!

Sorry to hear about your situation! In regards to private health - I am with BUPA and have Hospital Economy Cover with General Extras. In regards to getting revision surgery done, BUPA would cover my hospital stay (pretty sure you have to pay $400 admission) and medicare covers the rest. You are out of pocket some amount but it is no where near the amount of say your first BA! I think that in order to get an estimate your surgeon has to send a report to medicare so medicare can approve it and provide the item numbers in which you claim on.

Good luck x

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Im sorry your having to deal with this... have you spoken to your PS again to ask about meds and massaging which seems to be the step before revision surgery? Can I also ask what type of impant you go, under or over and if you massaged?? Reason I curious is casue CC seems to be popping up everywhere at the moment.

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