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Tear Trough Implants


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I'm pretty sure I have a tear trough deformity. I've had a deep crease between my eyes and my nose my whole life and it can't be covered by makeup due to tthe shadow. I'm sick to death of being told how tired I look when really I feel fantastic. This wouldn't be a concern for me if I was older, but I'm only 19 and it shows up in every photo I'm in and is becoming an every day issue with the comments.

As I am 19, I don't want any fillers. Because by the time I reach an age when the rest of my face has caught up with the creases, I would have spent a very large amount of money!

So I am looking into tear trough implants. I seem to be able to find plenty of surgeons overseas, but none in Australia who perform the procedure.

Does anyone know of ANY cosmetic surgeons who will perform it??

If so please include their name.

I would also like to hear from people who have had the procedure. And also how much it costs! Even if its just approximate.


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I had cheek implant surgery with Dr Nond at Bumrungrad (Thailand), one of the implants have shifted (his willing to correct this free of charge, not something allot of surgeons in Australia would do) which is not uncommon. I also had deep tear troughs, those annoying hollows that not only give you're face an aged appearance but make you look like you also have bags under the eyes. The way Dr Nond positioned these implants were quite close to the eye and this has really minimized their appearance, I suggest you book a qualified surgeon asking about the options you have for the tear troughs.

You're other options are fat grafting (permanent) or semi permanent fillers like sculptra (lasts for two years). Given you're young age though I suggest giving restylane which is also a filler a shot, it's supposed to only last six months but I know a few girls who've had it done under the eyes and have had the results last for over a year, fillers dissipate allot faster when injected into mobile areas (like the lips) compared to immobile areas (under the eyes) and that is because you are constantly moving the mobile areas of you're face.

As a temporary solution have you looked into Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer? The illuminator blended inside the hollows really does a great job of leveling the area out and will also draw more attention to you're eyes. I also used to use Loreal Wrinkle filler over the area which is a silicon like topical filler, lightly patted over the tear troughs this will also minimize their appearance.

P.s. I'm the same, I had the real thing done. Fillers are to expensive come five years and you would have spent the same amount the surgery would cost.

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Thanks echoecho,

I've been reading up online quite a bit and there are alot of makeup techniques that I would like to try. I would be happy just minimising the hollows. I think I am going to try out the makeup and if it isn't enough I will try restalyne, just because it's shorter term and I will have a better idea of what to expect in terms of results. If I like the way it looks, I think maybe the fat grafting might be the best option for me at the moment.

Thanks to the others who also replied

Sam :)

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Yes definitely give makeup a shot... I hated the hollows under my eyes, I've had experience in the beauty industry so have been able to test allot of different products, I've found makeup to be the quick and easy choice, the only downfall is makeup's not permanent... You should give setting spray a shot, the spray forms a thin film over the makeup so you don't have to worry about doing touch ups during the day or before going out at night.

One resource you might be interested in having a look at is www.realself.com loads of people give reviews about different cosmetic procedures including fat grafting and www.makeupalley.com will help you choose the right concealer. I've got a few favorite concealers but Maybelline Age Rewind is the only one that can be purchased inside Australia, my other favorites are imported from the states.

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