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Platinum's BA journey...starts now!


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Hi everyone, well BA day is finally here! I can't believe that I will finally have my new boobs in a few hours! I am sitting in my room in the hospital waiting for the nurse and anaethetist to come see me. I didn't sleep much from about 2am because I'm so nervous, only about an hour now until I am taken into surgery and I can relax and wake up with boobs yay!:D

I will give an update tonight if I can but I have a feeling I'm am probably going to be sick.

Thanks for all your support so far and good luck to everyone still waiting for their ops! :D

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I'm all done!! Just waiting in the car for hubby to pick up my meds at the chemist and then off home to sleep. I'm so tired and luckily I'm surprisingly not feeling sick at all :)

I will go into more detail tomorrow, too tired to stay awake much longer now. So happy it's all done and thankyou all for your kind messages :D

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