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day 7.......what a week!


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Its been a week since surgery and only just now feeling a little 'normal'! All of my pain meds were making real sick so was vomiting for the first three days (ouch is all i can say!!!!!!). So they told me to try tramadol ( bad idea!!!!), ended up in the emergency with a bad reaction.....i had headaches, blurred vision, just not with it and hallucinations!!! It was sooo scary!!! So all of this has just made me recovery slower. The last 6 days has been a nightmare! So i am now officially allergic to every painkiller but panadol! So im just taking panadol every 4-6 hrs and constant ice packs and hoping it will be enough.

But on the upside, im walking around and feel a bit more normal today and i go back to my doctor on wednesday to get my tape/dressings changed which will be good. So hopefully it's all uphill from here :)

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Omg heather you poor thing! Can't believe the horrible week you have had!!! Arghhh! I bet your pleased that the worse is over!! I only took the panadol and it was enough to get me through the pain thank god! I was paranoid prior to surgery taking strong pain killers cos I didn't want the feeling of nausea or throwing up and I was so lucky that I was able to do it without them! The nurses just made sure they gave me the panadol exactly every 6 hrs through the drip so it would work quicker! It's good to hear that you're walking around :) i bet your excited/anxious to see your scar and your new belly button :) xo

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