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Please send me a friend request....


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Hi all,

As you may know I am relatively new to this forum and I am so glad I've found you girls. There was me saying I want to be a small C and now -well I have realised that what I thought I wanted and what I actually want are 2 very different things!

I am really interested to see some before and after piccies for ladies of around the same stats as me and to know what you went for in terms of implant and cc size. That said, I'd be interested to be-friend the lot of you just because you all seem so lovely ;) (so pls friend request me even if you don't fit the same build!!)

My stats are: 170cm/5ft 7 - 52kg - 10A. I don't need a lift.

I *think* I am looking to achieve a natural looking small D cup (in other words I'll look like a C but measure an augmented D).

One PS I have seen suggested 360cc round textured implants but I think they will be far too big. He is known for going big though....I am a Mum of 2 in my mid-30s and I just want to fill out what is there, not look busty and too augmented. I think I want people to think I am just wearing a fabulous bra.

I have been wearing some 10C bras and stuffing them with my 'chicken fillets' and I think I am happy with that size/look. I'll post pics and you guys can tell me what you think too.

I am seeing another surgeon next week so I want to have a clearer idea.

Thanks so much

J x

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Hi Jamily, I've sent you an FR. My pics will give you an indication of what 375cc will give you. I am now a 10DD although E cup fits better in some styles/brands. Mine don't look that big at all. They look like the right size for unnoticeable boobs... if I wanted to have them noticed I should have gone with the bigger set I was offered but I was too scared they'd be too big

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Ladies you are AWESOME!!! Thank you. I have had a quick look at all the piccies and for those that are post BA I can safely say you look amazing. Honestly, it makes me so excited about it all.

I have just got home from the school run but I will try and log on later and post some comments to you all individually on your pages.

Thank you again. If you have any other advice then please let me know.


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