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PS' in Thailand - only do ROUNDS??


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I'm booked to see Dr Piyapas at PIAC in less than 2 weeks (eeeekkk), has all happened so quickly.

Excited but freaking out also.

Been doing plenty of research the last cpla weeks.

I'm a small frame and don't want to go over the top, so was looking at getting teardrop implants. Enquired to Mark, the liaison for Dr Piyapas and he said they only do rounds....

Anyone else had this experience??

On their website it says they do both.


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Hi coast girl.

I am also seeing dr piyapas but he is at Bangkok hospital Phuket, I recieved an email from mark yesterday saying "Round and tear drop implants are available in our hospital" so I'm not sure but I know PIAC do them (but dr piyapas isnt there)

Strange that we got a different response from him. When I first enquired a few months ago however I was informed that dr piyapas worked with round so maybe that's his preference? Not sure.

Hope you get some useful answers


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Hey coastgirl,

I booked my surgery months ago but I'm pretty sure from all the research I have read and from girls on here he only does rounds. I am happy with that so I didn't go much into it sorry. Might be that the hospital does them but not him? Also just in case you havent asked, I wanted armpit but he suggested crease for the size of the implant and placement. Anyway julaluck my consultant gets back to me within a day so just email them and I'm sure they will let you know:)

2 weeks how exciting!! I am not far after that :) best of luck with your op and wishing you a speedy recovery :)

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