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How bad was the recovery for the second time around?

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My first BA was back in 2012. I am going bigger from 280cc to 400-450cc depending on what my surgeon thinks looks good on my body. I remember the first surgery being so hard on my body the first few days. I remember thinking “this will be my one and only BA” due to the pain. Well now I am back lol. I’m scheduled to go in tomorrow.

I’m also afraid that it’s going to look obvious. I have been wearing padded bras for the past two months so people get used to my chest being bigger. I am doing this for me and I did it for me the last time too which is the reason I am choosing on not telling my friends and family again. 

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Hi! How did it go? I’m booked in for my replacement surgery in August. From what I’ve been told - the second time around is not as hard because the pocket is already there and stretched out so it shouldn’t be as painful.best of luck for your recovery! 

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