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Has any one had an internal lift?


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Hi Rose2704,

I'm about 6 weeks post op and had an internal lift on my left side, so happy my PS could do this internally and no scars! I did experience slightly more pain On the left side for the first couple of days of recovery but not too bad ;). I'd definitely recommend the internal lift, I'm hoping to update my photos soon!

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I hope you don't mind I added you as a friend so I can hopefully see some pics!

Sorry for my silly questions but how exactly do they do a lift from inside?

I'm guessing you had a crease incision?

Also if it the same risks as a normal lift? Longer healing time, not being able to breast feed ect?


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Hi There

Your questions are not silly at all. They just tighten and sew the internal muscles higher to give the lift is my understanding? I think you can still breastfeed as they dont actually have to move any nipples or nerves etc. with the internal lift. I dont think there's any varying risks or recovery time if anything it would be a quicker recovery, and yes I had a crease incision :)

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