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Surgery booked for August!

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Hi ladies - anyone else getting surgery in August? I had my consult last month - I’m getting my current tear drop textured implants replaced with smooth round implants. They did a comparison thingy to try and find the new implant size that will best match my current ones as I’m happy with the size - the weird thing is that I currently have 315cc tear drops high profile and the new implants are going to be 400cc!!!! Round high profile and apparently that is going to give me a similar size / projection. 

I’m getting the surgery done on a Thursday and plan to be back at work on the Tuesday. Anyway keen to touch base with anyone else getting surgery around the same time so we can go through it together!! Hoping this time around recovery will be even quicker - I am going to hate not being able to go to the gym for a couple of weeks - that’s going to be the hardest part for me!!!

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Hi - they had this booklet that has all the different brands of implants and they took the details of my current implants and compared them to the ones they will be putting in and apparently the 400cc was the one that most closely matched what I have now. Seems strange I know!

Hi @Glissm mine is booked for the 29th Aug! Did your surgeon give you the option to get smooth implants? Only reason I asked is that I’m getting my textured ones replaced with smooth for a number of reasons but one of them is that there is a higher risk of breast cancer with the textured implants (still a tiny percentage though) - but just thought I’d mention that to you in case you weren’t aware.

im super short lol - 156cm. I am slightly worried that these 400cc will look huge on me but I told them I want the same size that I currently have so I’ll just trust their judgement. Did your surgeon have those 3D images to show you what the implants will look like? 

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On 6/10/2019 at 7:47 PM, Glissm said:

He thinks my anatomy and body/breast shape currently would be more suited to the anatomical shape seeing as I’m deflated after breastfeeding... and they are only textured. I’m tall with a long torso.... so need the tall height anatomicals to give me some upper pole.... because I’m broad I think if I went round I would need a really large implant to cover my broad chest as well as get the height.... if that makes any sense!?!?  Im now worried anatomical won’t give me enough upper pole..... gosh it’s soooo hard to decide!!! 

Im keen to get textured implants as they are more “grippy” so less likely to sag or won’t sag as much with time and ageing as smooths would. My biggest fear would be to have all this surgery and then in a few years time gravity takes over and I’m left with big droopy fake boobs! I’m not too worried about ALCL... and I’m aware of this but thank you for making sure I knew the risks!


my doc doesn’t have the 3D scans which I would have liked to see but from what I’ve researched the sizers are pretty spot on. I guess we’ve just got to trust the experts hey! I’m sure if ur surgeon recommends the 400’s they will suit u! 


Yay count down to surgery begins!!

Hi i have anatomicals and am 19 mpo and still have some upper pole fullness but not as much as when they were about 6 months old and unfortunately no breast implant will retain the upper pole fullness like it has when it is first inserted its the law of gravity so if thats the look your trying to obtain then you might like to look at an ultra high profile implant  (uhp or extra high ) they tend to give a bit more of a round and high look this is what happnes to the scilicon /saline in an implant after a period of time  (ot the drop n fluff ) 


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Yes it can get very confusing and try not to let it get you down  as long as you fill the space in your chest (maximize your bwd) then i think you will be happy with your results,  

When you say your a size 8 clothing but wear a 12 band in bras it the clasp on the tightest hook (the last one or first) or the loosest if the latter then you are definitely in the wrong sized bra you stare on the loosest and wirk your way tighter as your bra ages and the elastic  gets looser.  Meadure under your bust in inches 30" is suze 8 - 32"size 10 -34" size 12 

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@Glissm  If your measuring a 33 .5 " then you'd be an 8 DD if you wanted your band to fit snug or a 32-10 D if you prefer a looser band, and the reason you measured a 12 just after bub is that your chest would have been carrying extra weight & fluid from breast feeding, fast forward 12 months after feeding has stoped and you should be back to your normal size. Just remember 500 cc will look different on every body trust your surgeon to give you the look your after. 

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