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Recommendations - Breast Lift Only - Sydney or Overseas


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Im new to the forum so go easy on me :)

I have been considering a breast lift and was hoping some people could recommend or share experiences for Sydney surgeons and possibly overseas. I know a lot of you have experience with both the implants and lifts but Im just after the lift lol

Im more inclined to have it done in Sydney because im a little bit scared of the idea of getting it done overseas. So if anyone could give me info on:

- good docs for this type of surgery both overseas and syd. (minimal scaring, natural. I know that is can vary with patients and natural reaction)

- cost (around $11,000.00 with no health insurance? is that the average price?)

I don't know the lingo yet but would appreciate any help anyone has to offer :)


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Hi stephyy

Welcome to the forum!! We will help as much as we can ;)

I'm Perth based so can't help much with pricing or surgeons but people have had good results with lifts both in Aus and overseas. Re scarring, mine are very fine lines that fading very well. Eventually they should be thin silver lines and barely visible

Mousey had a lift only recently in Thailand and they did a very good job. I am sure there are more but her's is pretty recent :)

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I just recently returned from Bangkok, where I had a breast lift (and a reduction in one side). I am absolutely thrilled with my results so far and would do it again in a heartbeat.

I had Dr Pramote at Yanhee Hospital in Bangkok. I felt he did exactly what I wanted, and did an amazing job. My boobs are now sitting up so nicely I don't even need to wear a bra! Of course I will though. :)

I would recommend going overseas for surgery - the procedure costs just over $3000 for the breast lift. I paid a little more because I had a breast reduction as well.

I had the anchor lift incision - but that's because I had alot of excess skin and droopiness from a twin pregnancy and then a subsequent 30kg weight loss. I will have scars, but already they have settled down a lot. I'm only 3 weeks post op, so still alot of healing to do.

I also went through Destination Beauty on a Group Tour, and would recommend that if you're going alone.

If you need any further info, please get in touch. Happy to help.

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