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recommendations wanted for injectables

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Hi all I live in the southern highlands and found that the prices here are ridiculous for Botox or dysport 

one injector is charging $13 per unit for dysport. I did try her and yes the results were great but only lasted 2.5months and can’t justify the price especially if I’m having to go every couple of months

I have tried laser clinics twice now and both times I have been left disappointed and dissatisfied with the results (to say the least) First time it lasted 3 weeks and then thought I’d give them another go a few weeks ago and got 30 units of dysport just in the frown area and had NO benefit. They want me to go back in and get more and pay again, which I am not going to do.

can someone please recommend anyone around the area? I’m happy to drive to Campbelltown and I don’t want to go into the city as it’s about 2 hours away.  

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Have you tried skinnotion in Camden ?? I have heard they are good but I haven’t used them personally, I go to lca in Narellan but cosmedime ( on instagram) have a special at the moment for 3 areas of dysport for $480 which I also was looking into , it’s on special til

the end of August and they are also getting Botox available in two weeks if u prefer that, the nurse actually comes out to your home and does it for you 

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