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I have many girlfriend's with smooth round implants  (i work in the fitness industry so most of us at the gym have implants ?) they all have different sizes and profiles and all are happy with them and a friend of mine just recently had hers done , smooth round uhp 485 cc but wanted the more fake look she is 8 mpo and is over the moon with her results.  

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@I HaveBoobs oh that's awesome thanks for that I really liked my surgeons recommendation just wasn't sure on smooth as nice as they are I've heard higher risk of capsular contraction and slipping out of place etc not sure on how likely it is to happen but still had me concerned but then i realise really every implant has it's pros and cons none of them are 100% perfect all have different risks so why stress myself just gotta hope im lucky and I don't run into any of the possible issues lol

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