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How long until drop and fluff is complete?

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Hi girls,

I'm now 9 months post op after having my revision with Dr Revis. I went from having 395cc Brazilians to 800cc smooth mentors. So quite a huge jump but much needed to fill my large gap between my boobs. 

They are super soft and natural looking, but the left one has dropped more than the right. It is still sitting kinda higher on my chest. 

Do you think after 9 months what I see is the final result? Or will I continue to see the right side drop over the next few months. 

I've heard the larger implants can take longer to drop. 

Thank you ladies xx 

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They say by about 6 mpo the drop n fluff is complete but for me I'd say they were still changing up till 14 mpo, I'm  now 19 mpi and they dont seem to have changed any more since. If you look at my post op pics you will see a 12 mpo they were still quite round looking but by 14 months they hadsettled more so I'd say give it a good 12 months.  

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