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Consult yesterday

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I had my consult with Dr Connell yesterday who was my revision surgeon 10 years ago. He confirmed what I have been suspecting and that’s that I have lateral displacement but he threw me for a loop when he told me I had double bubble. He has suggested Areola reduction, scar revision to stepladder and vertical scar and replace 360cc teardrop implants to 380 or 450cc rounds. Best part is private health insurance will cover everything including his fees as he is only charging me the scheduled fee. He truly is an amazing man and surgeon. My revision will only cost me $500 which is my hospital excess. Next month I meet with his colleague Dr Love to discuss 360 body lift, thigh and arm reduction (excess skin not fat). I will be having my boobs done this year and if financially possible my thighs at the same time. Then next year the 360 body lift and arms. 

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Wow that was a curve ball bet you weren't expecting to hear you also had double bubble,  its great that the private health  is covering the majority of the surgery so that one cost you won't have to worry about  and hope everything goes well with the consult for the body lift must be exciting,  keep us posted on the progress. 

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Hi @Cupcake85, I'm just catching up on everything I've missed in the forum over the last couple of years!  

It seems that Dr Connell is now doing more round implants rather than anatomical... very interesting!  That was my main reservation of having my implant removal and replacement done by him, as I don't want any risk of rotating.  Also interesting that it was all covered by Medicare, as I heard that wasn't an option since the end of 2018.

I think I'm going to try and book another consult with him and go from there.

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