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Breast lift with Dr Poomee HELP

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Im a 12F with saggy boobs and excess skin, is anyone happy with Dr Poomee in Thailand doing a breast lift.

Did you keep/ mainain the same size and did you have to indicate your height you wanted?

JUST HELP!!! any info on breast lifts with or without dr p would be helpful


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I got a lift with him nearly three weeks ago. He was incredible. Would highly recommend. Scar work is amazing and they have healed so quickly. very symmetrical as well. I didnt ask him for the height I wanted, I just said to make me a perky lady. I didnt have much tissue to start with so I got a small implant too. It has taken me from a deflated B to a straight C. He said I wouldnt loose any size because he didnt take away all that much skin but each person is different.

I will be posting more some more afters tonight. Have sent you a FR

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