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Brisbane TT surgeons

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Hi ladies,

As you ladies are aware I had a recent TT and I an very unhappy with my results. I am now looking for another surgeon now to correct the mess I am left with. I am looking to hear anyone who has had a TT buy any surgeon in Brisbane. I understand my corrective surgery will be a big job for the next surgeon but we all know they make magic happen!

Thanks ladies x

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Hi Supermummy,

I think it's great that you're choosing to go with a different surgeon - from your pics your initial surgeon definitely isn't the man for the revision :/

I'm finding it hard to find much information on excellent TT surgeons in Brisbane. As I've said, I've been recommended Dr Richard Theile and Dr Paul Belt, so I'll probably have consults with them. But as TT is such a major surgery compared to BA, I think go to as many consults as possible before you make your decision. They'll probably want you to wait until 6 months post-op for everything to settle down before you can have another surgery anyway, so that at least gives you time to research :)

Hopefully some of the other girls can offer up some more suggestions for TT surgeons in Brissy.

Good luck with your search xx

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