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BA With Dr Scamp on the Gold Coast

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I went to Dr Terrance Scamp at Esteem Medi Sa on the Gold Coast and it was amazing!
I got them done relatively young because my natural ones were uneven and I had massive confidence issues. 
When I went to my consultation with Dr Scamp he was very straight forward so it made the entire process so much easier to understand, he also had the 3D Vectra machine which is able to simulate what you would look like if you had the size you wanted which was soo good cause I could see it visually! Compared to the other surgeons, I liked that Dr Scamp consulted with me multiple times instead of a nurse, he also performed all of the post op consultations himself as well.
His office staff were so much help and they had all my details, pricing and paperwork literally ready for me as soon as the consultation was done, so I didn’t have to wait any time at all to know how much I was going to be up for. 
On the day of my surgery I was so scared and I remember Dr Scamp actually had his own team of nurses and anaesthetist looking after me, so instead of waiting in the common waiting area, I was actually with someone the entire time, and I remember 2 different nurses talking to me as well as the anaesthetist coming in to ensure me that I wouldn’t feel anything cause I was so scared! It was so lovely that his team came out to meet me and speak to me, rather than just calling me in when it was my turn, you could tell that their main goal was to make me feel comfortable which was a major relief. Then finally Dr Scamp himself came out to talk to me again before bringing me into the surgery room. 
I am now a 10DD/E and I believe my implant sizes were (360cc and 370cc’s )  I also didn’t have to wear the bra afterwards because Dr Scamp makes sure the pocket for the implant is the perfect size for the implant, so post op bras aren’t required. This really helped because I was doing club work at the time and you would have been able to see it under the costumes. I have such a low pain tolerance and literally felt nothing but a bit achy for the next few days. I was that comfortable that I went back to work that same weekend. Before I had even left the hospital the nurses had given all the scripts to my mum, so I was set for all my medication for the next week so we didn’t have to worry at all, literally everything was taken care off by his team. The nurses even called me the next day to check up on me which was so sweet. I genuinely felt like this company actually cared about my reasoning’s of why I wanted implants and did their best to make sure I was comfortable the entire time. I read so many stories on here about girls not being happy with their results or their surgeon and its upsetting because for me it was genuinely an amazing experience and I feel like it should be like this for everyone. 
They are now just over a year old and you can barely see my scaring, Dr Scamps team still keep in touch with me and book me appointments based on my progress, and all these appointments are included in my original price, so I can call up whenever and see my surgeon without any extra charges which is so comforting for me. I know a lot of girls travel to get them done but for me, having the convince of knowing my surgeon was around the corner was a huge bonus!  Since this I have met quite a few girls who have had them done by Dr Scamp and they are all extremely happy! 
My Instagram is @pialouise_ if you wanna look at more photos 
Dr. Scamps Instagram is dr_terrencescamp 
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