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DR Poomee update

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Hi everyone,

Just doing a quick update to let everyone know how I'm going, I'm about 4 months post and still very happy with my rhinoplasty and breast lift/ implants. Everything healed well without any problems and my breast lift scars are fading nicely. He has replied promptly to any follow up emails I have sent him etc and I would def use him again.

I am still getting tonnes of friend requests and messages on here howevere I don't respond anymore because I don't bother coming on here very much because once you've had all your surgery and recovered etc it just stops being on your mind! However if you read through all my posts you will be able to get my full story :)

So even though I'm not around and don't post anymore it's not because something went wrong, it's just life's gone back to normal!

I wish everyone the best of luck with their surgery and their choices, I know I feel much better about myself now! xx

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