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Gum Lift (Best Cosmetic Dentist in Melbourne?)

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Hi all,

I am very interested in getting a laser gum lift as my teeth appear quite small because of my gum. I had a consultation yesterday with a dentist who told me all about the procedure (what's involved, how long it takes, how much it costs). However, I would like to go for a second consultation with someone else before I make a decision.

Has anyone had a particularly good experience with a cosmetic dentist in Melbourne? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I'd also love to hear from people who have had a laser gum lift.

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Hi Amberlee,

I had this done a while ago. I don't think the cosmetic dentist will do the gum lift - generally it'll be a periodontist but you can get a referral by your cosmetic dentist or your regular dentist. Anyway, to answer your question a good cosmetic dentist in Melbourne is Dr Yvonne King. She's a really caring lady and after getting veneers done I stayed with her as my regular dentist. There are other people at that practice but I don't really know them. Her practice is Cosmetic Laser & Dentistry Centre in North Caulfield.


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