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SOS! Cross, deep, and open bite, along with some aesthetic and speaking issues and TMJ. Don't want to just resort to braces.

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Hi guys. The pictures tell some of the story (and by the way, I just woke up, I don't go out looking like this). One teeth picture, and a few pictures of my face. You might not see it, but...I seem to have a very asymmetrical face, and from both sides my face actually looks quite different. People point it out a lot. One side of my jaw is actually longer. Only one side of my jaw hurts for some reason and has since I was 15. And, also, I had some really terrible functional issues, including difficulties with talking and pronouncing my words. Even now my face hurts a lot as if it's unnatural to move in speech. People in the past have actually noted that I seem to have a ton of facial tension, especially around the jowls and lower face, along with pursed lips oftentimes, but not sure how to fix this as it seems so natural. I seem to have a crooked jaw. And, a part of me almost suspects that the crossbite is actually kinda why my bone structure grew so wrong. 

I used to have breathing issues in my nose--I could barely breathe. I got surgery on it and it's a lot better now. 

I hear that braces sometime make a face look worse while the teeth look better and...generally I seem to have a lot of issues. I am not trying to be overly vain, but admittedly I still care. I was bullied for about 24 years of my life about how I looked from guys nonstop and called ugly by male strangers so...at the bare minimum, I'd like to do what is both cosmetically neutral or postitive and functionally positive. 


IMG_20190714_162341 (1).jpg

IMG_20190714_164829 (1).jpg




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