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Has anyone stayed at the Bangkok Hospital Serviced Apartments?

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I'm trying to organize my surgery & accommodation myself and I'm looking into staying at the serviced apartments at Bangkok Hospital for at least the first week.

I was wondering if anyone has stayed there. Are they nice? Does the hospital offer any kind of service where a nurse checks up on you maybe once a day in those apartments.

When I asked the concierge at the hospital whether I could stay at the serviced apartments he recommended 2 hotels close to the hospital but didn't mention the ones on the hospital campus.

I'm talking about these:



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Hi Me_again :) I replied in your other thread about this also :) I just came back from Bangkok and had surgery with Dr Suchart at Bangkok hospital. I went solo also and stayed at Amari Residence which is literally a 2 min walk to the hospital. I walked home after surgery but the hotel will drive you for free. Its beautiful and clean. Perhaps look at that also :) Either the hospital or hotel will pick you up from airport and drop off, however I reccomend you go with the hospital as you must register at the airport with Bangkok hospital.

How exciting for you! Where abouts are you getting lipo?

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I've stayed at the serviced apartments. I stayed there the first night pre op and the night of my op. Nurses check on you and if you are having a tt and BA I'd assume you would be expected to stay there for atleast 3/5 days.

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Hi, Me_again, you can tell the hospital that you like to say in the hospital service apartment.Don't be shy, tell them your wishes, act a bit...tell them you are far far away from home, you are nervous and you feel safe and assured to stay in their hospital service apartment.... ask them to do their BEST to arrange for you.

Amari Residence sounds good, 2 mins from hospital and you will have free transportation service and that's important.

Just an reminder, when you're in Asia, do not fully believe on what is written on a paper, example, when we were looking for a place, the paper said the apartment is fully furnished.

me: this apartment is fully furnished??

agent: YES with beautiful see view, see....over there. And, if you are lucky, you can even see Mount Kinabalu. Just strech you body out from the balchony a bit, look at your right...see....Mount Kinabalu. ( Yes, with a good pair of binoculous, I can see the sea and the mountain.

me: Where is the cutlery, plates, cups and other kitchen utensils?

agent: Oh, we don't have. Well, you can always buy them from the supermarket.

me: Is the fan working?

agent: No, but the light under the fan is working perfectly. By the way, we have air-conditioners and a stand fan.

me: Can the owner fix the fan, please?

agent: No, the electrician said it's beyond reparing but you still can use the light and the stand fan and the air-cond. If you don;t like the furniture, the owner can take them out.

3 months later.......

me: Hello, the phone and internet signal are awful. Can you move the sofa set out, please?

agent: signal is awful??? use the landline-lahhhh..... move the sofa out, no, the owner got no place to put them. just move them up to the second floor. no place? just move them to the side in the living room.

WHAT A FXXXING BXXXX!!!!!! See, what we have to put up with....a bunch of axxhxxx!!

I am not trying to scare you, I just think you need to be prepared so that you won;t being caught off guard!! Just deal with them with fact, double check everything they tell you, for things that are important...put them in BLACK & WHITE and SIGN!!! Oh, you might experience double the price treatment, I don't like to put it like that....but the FACT is you are westerner and they all assumed you got plenty of money. That's why, if we need to buy something, my Ozzie partner will hide behind my back. :o

On the other hand, Asia is very friendly, helpful, sometimes they might ask too many personal questions...they are just too friendly & stickybeak at the same time.

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Sorry for my long carried away post....

Okay, put it like that, when you're in Aisa, what you see on a piece of paper or things they tell you from their mouth are not necessary THE WHOLE TRUTH AND THE ONLY TRUTH!! You should DOUBLE CHECK everything you been told. If it involve your surgery or something important, make them put it in BLACK AND WHITE with LETTER HEAD as they might not want to sign and you don;t want to create tention before/after your surgery as you might need their help.

Deal with FACT not TRUST especially you are not locally from there.

After I think about what the concierge said to you....

NO1. circumstances:

They have limited apartment, so he get you into other places instead. That's I said, act a bit.... fish/bait their symphathy for you. :cool:

NO2. circumstances:

He might takes commission from the two hotels he reccomended to you. Anyway, this is my partner's theory but he has lived in Asia for years....so... he might be right.

So, I hope this s more easier to read and understand.... I start to sound like an long-winded grandma.

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