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Any feedback on BA done by Dr Craig Rubinstein or Ar Allan Kalus?

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Hi there

I've made the decision to go ahead a get a Breast Augmentation, many years in the making but the time is right now. I have already had two consulations - one with Dr Craig Rubinstein and one with Dr Allan Kalus. Found them both to be pleasant but am leaning towards going with Dr Allan Kalus as his sugggestion of how to conducted the surgery was more favourable. I have been told l have tubular breast which makes having the surgery a little more difficult but not impossible.

As many of you would know, this is such a huge decision to make and my next step is to book and set the date before the year is out.

If anyone has seen or can share anything on the above surgoens, l would be very grateful to hear any stories or experiences you wish to share and l will do the same as l go on this journey.

Look forward to reading your thoughts. :)

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SERIOUSLY stay away from Alan Kalus, he will promise you the world and just leave you when the tough gets going....... I have personally met Craig Rubinstein and would leave my life in his hands!!! I have great faith in Craig I have had a procedure with both and if I could turn back time from having surgery with Alan Kalus I would. please feel free to email me directly on rtkeenan74@gmail.com

I cant strongly advise to keep away from a surgeon who cares less about you till the money is cleared into his account.


As bad and negative as this sound I am a victim of Alan Kalus and don't want anyone to be emotionally scared by him. Don't believe me then look up other stories about him.......

I think its time for him to retire and move on.......

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