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Bottoming out and freaking out

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@Melbmummy oh no I'm so sorry to hear that.. I really feel for you unfortunately I don't have any experience in this but I hope this issue can be resolved for you.. I am booked to get my surgery in couple weeks and bottoming out is a concern I have, may I ask what you had done and how far out of surgery you are, I'm getting 450cc round dual plane..

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Yes @Melbmummy I went with a different surgeon and had to pay the whole thing again! It’s been awful.

i left them bottomed out for about 18 months before having them fixed due to the cost but I’m the end I couldn’t take it anymore. 

Its taken a toll on my mental health and my relationship with my partner, but at least they are fixed now and I’m starting to move on with my life. 

i hope everything get sorted out for you ❤️ 

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