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ALL BOOKED, Confirmed, Done omg!!! The Countdown begins

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aaaaahhhh!! So EXCITED!

Have received hospital confirmation for my surgery

acommodation is all booked in

just booked my flights

and the hardest part of all - Telling my dad on what im getting done and where - DONE DONE DONE

Im so excited! probably wont even get any replied to this thread but HAD TO LET OUT MY EXCITEMENT!

The boobie dreams have even started! haha


The end :p

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How exciting!!! You're going just under a month before me and we are very similar stats so you will have to let me know how it goes!

Ive sent you a friend request Laura...I will definitely let you know

Thanks so much every one :) Im so excited that im now one of the girls to has a thread like this. Its so real now!

Im going to write eeeeverrything down. this forum has helped me so much! Hopefully my info will help others out as well

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Woo hoo time will fly and you'll be on that plane before you know it :)

How did your dad take it?!

ohhh well..im 'Dads little girl' so i was getting myself ready for quite a heated discussion!

I started with saying that first off im getting my boobs done in January, and that after all the research i have done, ive decided to go to Thailand instead of Perth.

I thought the Thailand bit would be my biggest struggle to try and explain but that didnt bother him. He was more concerned about why i wanted to get the procedure in general.

He did the whole, you dont need it, your fine how you are, what about when you have kids etc etc etc. so it was actually quite a good converstaion. I said that at the end of the day this is something i want to do, and i wanted to come to you and let you know what i was planning on doing.

I also had to make it into a little bit of a joke to lighten up the situation and said...its not like your going to sit there and be like "WOOO go get some massive boobs cant wait!! you have to sit there and say you dont need it...your my dad"

we both had a giggle and then he helped me sit down and sort a few nitty gritty things out :) so it actually went down really well i was so surprised!

a MAJOR weight off my shoulders!

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