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Implant distortion - 2 weeks post surgery, unders

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Hi everyone,

I am 2 weeks post surgery and can see a substantial amount of implant distortion on my right side.

I had partial submuscular placement of 350cc HP mentor silicone cohesive.

I have more pain on that right side, probably because I am predominantly right handed and find it hard to take it easy.

The distortion is all the time, not only when using my arm, and i assume it is the pec muscle digging into the implant.

I am hoping that once the swelling subsides this will go away.

Has anyone got similar experience they can share that will ease my worries?

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so sorry to hear about this and that you are in pain. Have you contacted your surgeon about this? Is it visible or just something you can feel? Have you been resting and not lifting anything you shouldnt? 2 weeks is still new and lots more changes to take place but you shouldnt be in pain all the time.

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I had a significant amount of pain on my left side sometime between week 1 and 2 post op for 2 or 3 days. It wasn't when I was resting and doing completely nothing though, just if I was moving around (but not using the arm). My left side had more swelling, and I am having more trouble with this side dropping as I believe the muscles are stronger on this side (possibly as I have a shoulder issue so the pec muscles are compensating) At 3 weeks post op, my right implant moved around very well, it had dropped and I could stretch my arm out fully straight above my head....lefty was a different story and could barely raise the elbow above my head let alone straighten it, implant was high and not very mobile. I'm now just over 5 weeks, and although left has a long way to drop yet it is improving, I can just about straighten the arm above my head without any pain, and the implant is mobile.

It does sound like the pec muscle is gripping on for dear life, and as you're prob more muscley on the right, during op the muscle probably recieved more trauma when putting the implant in under it. My surgeon said it can take up to 6 weeks for the muscle to recover and the swelling to fully go down. It is very early days for you, but having been there recently I know it is such a stress....every little thing that happens. Just be sure to check your temp, make sure there is no increase in swelling or redness and take it easy!! I was trying stretches etc, but it was when I decided to completely relax my left arm that things improved.

good luck and hope the pain and distortion goes very soon.


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Hi ladies,

Still struggling with this mis shapen right boob.

Apparently I am waiting for the 'drop and fluff' and my more dominant muscle is holding on tightly.

I found another forum entry where someone is having the exact same problem as me, which made me feel a lot better.


Also, I had to do a course of antibiotics because I had a minor skin irritation in my right incision (possibly caused by spray tan...oops) but that's on track now.

I started taking a supplement of wheat grass, chlorella and spirulina which is meant to promote healing after reading a recommendation somewhere.

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