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Advice Pleasehp

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Hi all, I've been reading the forums for awhile and its great to hear stories except most of them on here on having BA,s I need to have a reduction so not a lot of stories/recommendations for me to go on. I am going to book direct with the hospital, I'm a travel agent so getting my own flights etc is easy done. But of course taking the step of having this operation anywhere is daunting let alone overseas. I'm thinking of going to the Bangkok Pattaya Hospital (is this the one a lot of you use?) sorry if that is a dumb question as I'm a bit confused to when people are referring to the Bangkok Hospital if its that one or a different one. Have no idea who is a good doctor as I mentioned most of the recommendations are for girls that have had a BA not a reduction. I'm soooo confused lol. Please any advise would be really appreciated. My partner will come with me so I'm not alone.

Thanks guys

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Hey houndsy,

Welcome to the forum!!!!!

You ll find a ton of stories here.... Everybody is on the same boat... More depending on what you're having!!!

In regards to Bangkok hospital pattaya.... You actually have Bangkok hospital, then you have different branches. Pattaya, Phuket and Bangkok itself... An other very good hospital is Bumrungrad

I advised you to do a research in the forum. Just type breast reduction and see what's come up! And the best is to chat to other girls who had breast lift or something similar to your!!! There is plenty of skilled surgeons and success stories.

When I booked my rhino and BA I was worried cause couldn't find much on overseas rhino on the forum.... I got in touch with the hospital, listened their recommendation and crossed over info with the forum helped me to take my decision

Also get different quote from hospital...

One thing is you don't need to pay a deposit so once you have your consultation and if you are not happy you can walk away from it...

100% some lovely girls will give you more info on your procedure!!!!

Good luck!!!!!

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Bangkok hospital Phuket is what most are referring to on here and another one in Phuket is PHuket international aesthetic centre and bumrangrad in Bangkok are the main ones that are mentioned...hope that helps you...


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