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Medical Insurance - who did you go through?

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Ok so i know there are many posts about medical insurance, but i want to make a fresh one.

I know there are a lot of you out there who didnt take out medical insurance, wasnt necessary, i trust my surgeon etc...by all means i totally agree. Im confident with my surgeon - Dr Preeyaphas - but one condition of my parents being ok with this whole thing is that i take out Medical Insurance.

So my question is, for those of you that did take out medical insurance:

1. Who did you go with

2. What were you covered for? If something goes wrong in surgery and you need to be in hospital for longer...are you covered?

I know Global protective solutions is a popular company but waaah i just dont understand it all haha

any help is much appreciated :)

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blugh...ignore this :) just saw another thread that has just been opened (im even commenting on it) duuuh

aaand i dont know how to delete this thread so sorry :p

Dont suppose anyone knows how to delete a thread?

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