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What clothes to wear in hot weather after a tummy tuck or lower body lift?

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I'll be having my tummy tuck (or maybe even a lower body lift/inquiring about the costs atm) in Bangkok in Feb next year and I'm wondering what kind of clothes I'll be able to wear.

I was thinking maybe a few maxi dresses would be best. Nothing that is fitted around the waist.


What did you wear?

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Hi me_again, sorry I didn't realise u r having the BL separate from your TT.

You normally have drains in the first few days so pants are out of the question.

But yeah if it's gonna be hot, the maxi dresses are a gr8 idea, even for afterwards. I've been able to wear lose tights & tops, but I'd say if its hot you won't even tolerate those, as you will also be wearing a compression / binder thingy.

I had nighties for the hospital too, I couldn't even wear undies because of the drains lol.

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