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Finance for overseas sugeries?

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The Bangkok surgeon that has agreed to do my TT & BL in Feb just said that it looks like I would be better off getting a lower body lift done instead of just a TT.

BUT... the price tag would be around $12 600 instead of $5360 (and then the BL is $3400). It's hard enough to get the $8760 together. Now I'd need an extra $7000 or so to pay for the surgery I really need. And then the hotel costs, flights, money for food & other experiences...

I really didn't expect the cost of a lower body lift to be so much more.

So if I may ask... how does everyone else finance their surgeries overseas?

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Wow that's a big difference in price. I don't know much about body lifts & what's involved, or their cost. But would it be worth getting a consult here in Australia prior to heading OS? 1. To get a second opinion on whether the body lift is necessary & 2. Compare cost.

Looking at your pics I wouldn't have thought you needed one, but I'm no expert either.

Hope someone else here can help you!

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