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Dr Somyos Kunachak amazing surgeon

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Just had revision rhinoplasty in Bangkok with Dr Somyos Kunachak at Yoskarn Clinic .

Can not express my gratitude and respect for this surgeon enough !!!!

Finally my nose is fixed after Australian ( ie Perth) surgeons ruined it !!!!

He is a highly highly skilled surgeon in revision rhinoplasty and if you have a complicated case , I would encourage you to seek him out !

Thank goodness for Dr K , he has fixed my nose and restored my confidence when I was told that no more could be done for me back in Oz .

The best $5800 I have ever ever spent !!!

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Hai i Would like to hear more from you. How's your nose? I'm considering Dr kunachak, but hear that he's not plastic surgeon Really Scare me out. I don't Know Where to do my revision rhinoplasty. Confuse choosing who's the doctor can revisi my nose. Vera scared. Hope you want to reply

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