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Dr Julie Lawrence Adelaide?? Anybody?

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Has anybody here had surgery preformed by Dr Julie Lawrence at the brighton day surgery or norlunga hospital in adelaide?I am Most interested in hearing from anyone whos had a tummy tuck by her as thats what I"m getting, but also Ba's and thigh/butt lifts. I would love to see some of her work. Thanks heaps sooki xo

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Hey sorry it took me so long to reply! I had a TT with her 2010, 2 years ago I guess.

My results are a bit mixed. I have a lot of friends who were really happy with her, but my issues are that I have quite a high scar (although that was probably due to the way the excess skin came out to the sides, because the girl in the hospital bed next to me had a really low scar, and she also went through Dr Lawrence). Also I have a hard lump/ pooch that sticks out at the bottom/ middle of my scar. It is like there is a build up of scar tissue or skin, and it has been like that from right after surgery. She said that I didn't have enough skin to pull it down completely, so she gave me a second scar (a vertical line) where my old belly button is, so this might be part of the problem with my scar.

The hospital stay was fine, but the pain pumps medications they gave me made me vomit constantly in the first 12 hours until I made them take it away. I know there are different combos of pain meds they can give you for that inital recovery period, and whatever they used on me did not go down well. Where as in Thailand for my BA they used something different and I was fine. so who knows.

My other issue is that my belly button/ and or scar seems to be off centre. I asked the clinic nurse about it but she said that Dr L is very meticulous and would have measured, so I don't know why it looks off centre.

I will send you a FR so you can see my pics.

Ask any questions, I am happy to help!

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Hello, I'm due to see Dr Julie Lawrence in May this year. I am very excited, not very nervous as I had a C-sec. Can anyone please tell me of their experiences with Julie and is their any chance I could see some pictures if you don't mind?

Thank-you all.

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