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Hi everyone

I am very new to this board and have been reading some of your stories with keen interest. I am a mid 30's mother of 2 children and have just lost over 40kg with another 20kg to go. My stomach looks like a wreck and I know after another 20kg it will look even worse. I am keen to have a tummy tuck and wanted to know how realistic I should be about the after look. I have no idea on how bad the scarring is and if you can even see it with underwear on. I would love to see some before and after shots of people that have gone through with the operation. I am a bit worried about recovery time as my kids are still young (1 and 3) and how happy people are with their surgery.

I can't wear clothes at the moment without a long top as I have a horrible saggy apron belly which kind of defeats the purpose of losing the weight if I still look horrible.

As I said I have read some of your stories and now have a little bit of an idea but anyone that can help me with any knowledge would be great.


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Hi tummy trouble & welcome to the forum. Wow congratulations on all your weightloss!

I can't help you with any surgeon recommendations, I'm not from Melbourne.

A regular member called chacha might be able to help, she's the only one who comes to mind who had a recent TT there. (And she looks great!)

I found this forum a great help, & have helped me through my journey by reading through all the tummy tuck forum posts.

Some only stick around for a short while unfortunately and we never hear back. :(

But I googled lots of before & afters as well, & found pictures of people who looked like me.

There's even a couple of USA forums (which I never joined) but stalked all their posts all the same, lol.

All the best & keep in touch! :)

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Hey Tummy Trouble,

i have not had my TT i am booked in for the 5th of december so cant give you much info on recovery.

My PS is hamish farrow from melbourne he has been really great i have had 2 consults with him. He has been all about trying to help me achieve what i want and really listening to all my concerns.

As for scaring i think its pretty individual on how you are to begin with to how your outcome will be


Sydney mum was right ChaCha does know alot i would ask her if you have more questions as she has had one with great results.

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Hi there tummytrouble, welcome! I had my TT in Jan this year and it was the best thing ever. I didn't loose as much weight....(only about 12kg) as you (congrates on that though....amazing!!!) but I did have 2 babies around 10 lb 5oz each, which on my small frame took a huge toll on my tummy muscles and skin. My surgeon was Dean White in Box Hill. He is young and I believe uses some newer techniques, and did a terrific job. And the biggest plus was that he is reasonably priced!! In the end I was around $5 500 out of pocket, (after medicare, private health, and tax rebates). I think it will also depend on what you need done, whether it be a TT or a body lift.....only the surgeon will know what will give you the best results. Also I would recommend you loose as much of the wieght as you can before the op to maximise your results.....it will be soooo worth it :)

I'd recommend you have 2 or even better 3 consults, and go from there. After my consult with Dean White I knew straight away he was my surgeon and felt comfortable and in safe hands. The hospital I went to was Epworth Private and they were great in every way.

I'll send you a FR so you can see my before and afters and if you have any questions, fire away. I can honestly say it was the best thing I have ever done for myself!!


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Hi Tummy Trouble

I agree with Sydneymum, read through as many of the posts you can, and send a FR to people which have had a similar experience as you have, many of them have photo's that they will share with you.

I went through many nights just googling images of tummy tucks to find people which looked similar to what I did, to see the end results. I am now 2 weeks Po, and incredibly happy with the result. My self esteem has improved tremendously.

Also well done for losing all the weight!!

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