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My scar is oozing a little - is it a concern?

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Hi ex TT ers,

Im 3 weeks post op, I noticed an end of my scar is just a tad sore, so I peeled off the micropore tape to have a look, and its got creamy gooey stuff coming out. It's not red. It's the end where one of my drains were. I only just finished my box of antibiotics yesterday for a minor belly button wound infection.

Is this normal or an instant sign of infection you think?

A split stitch maybe? I don't know what this looks like.

Oh and I wore jeans for a little while today, they were not super tight but is it possible that it would have caused this?


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Hey Sydney mum :)

I haven't had a tt but one of my friends had a similar problem. Ooze from incision site. She just went to her gp, they took a swab and sent it off to culture and a couple of days later they knew what infection it was and changed her antibiotics (?flucloxacillin) and she is fine now no more ooze and has heeled well :)

She however had more Signs of infection oozing (creamy, offensive smell, red/pain/warmth around the area of incision and was getting temperatures.

If you can't get to gp today maybe just wash with salt water, apply betadine/something similar. And if you have a repeat of antibiotics can you continue them until you see a doctor?

Just a suggestion .... maybe other tt ers have had this issue and have been fine without seeing a gp.. Let us know how you go x

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The nurse warned me about that today, apparently it's called spitting a stitch, its usually the knot in the stitch which the body doesnt always want to absorb, it then creates like a pimple effect. Her advise is to scrub the area in the shower, which should take care of removing the knot. Apparently it usually happens at the weak spots, end of scars and in the middle where it all comes together. Usually happens around the 3 week mark.

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