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Any girls who lift weights?

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Hey everyone,

I'm planning on getting a BA in November (have wanted for a long time!) and only this year got involved with figure competitions. I do now have the comp bug :)

I am having trouble deciding which way to have the implant now?

Before I was looking at under muscle (as I still lifted, just not as much) and now I'm thinking so not to affect my pecs, I'll need to go over. Any thoughts on this?

Also, I've been reading about these brazilian implants? Does anyone have them and do you find them better than normal?

Any help and advice would be so great!

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Hi Shortz,

I lift heavy weights & see a PT 3x a week, traning for my 1st Fitness Model comp next yr in March. Although I am training for a division down from you so my muscle's won't be as defined. At the moment I am undecided, I am leaning towards under the muscle as I don't want that bolt on look allot of fitnes girls have due to low body fat % and thinking of just not working my chest so hard as I'd rather nicer breasts.

I am in contact with Claire from Cosmetic Surgery International http://www.cosmeticholidays-int.com/. Claire the owner also works in the fitness industry and has alot of conections & fitness clients. I'd recommend asking her for advice :)

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thanks boobalicious - after reading this it has just confirmed under the muscle for me! - the bolt on look is terrible & stands out much for for competing girls because you can get so lean. Also made me feel better about having to go under the breast incision.

I had a Doc reccomendation for 200-300cc and after reading this her 1st BA was a small C @ 275cc (most fitness girls have similar breast tissue at start due to body fat %). I told the Doc I wanted full C - small D so now reconsidering minimum 350cc, but I guess this will be confirmed at the consult.

Shortz - follow the link below from Jamie Putell another competitor having lift & implats done right now in Phuket, she is blogging the whole journey http://breastimplantsite.com.au/

Also booking through CHI x

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